Let’s Optimize Your Investment Strategy With a Personalized Investment Portfolio Review

Be confident that your investments are paving the way to your wealth goals.

You May Need A Personalized Portfolio Review If…

  • You’re Managing Your Own Investments: Gain confidence with a professional second opinion to ensure your strategy aligns with your financial goals.
  • You Have Tax Concerns: Unsure if your asset choices and account types are tax-efficient? Let’s optimize them to your advantage.
  • You’re Starting Fresh: If you have cash ready to invest but no portfolio, I can build a tailored investment strategy from the ground up.

What My Personalized Portfolio Review Will Do For You:

  • Get a Customized Asset Allocation: I tailor the distribution of your portfolio across various assets, taking into account volatility, risk tolerance, and your investment goals.
  • Reduce Fees: Identifying opportunities to minimize investment fees, enhancing your portfolio’s net growth.
  • Ensure Risk Compatibility: Ensuring your portfolio matches your risk appetite, balancing growth with peace of mind.
  • Create a Custom Tax-Reduction Strategy: Custom plan to reduce your tax burden over your lifetime with the right types of investments and brokerage accounts.
  • Optimize Diversification: Reviewing and adjusting your portfolio’s diversification to fit your appetite for risk while safeguarding your assets from volatility.
  • Design a “Core & Satellite” Portfolio (Optional Strategy): Maximizing the benefits of owning high quality individual investments alongside diversified funds.
  • Answer Your Money Questions: During our 90-minute call, I’ll answer any questions you have to make sure you have clarity on your investing strategy.

The Investment: $2,500

The Process:

Application & Onboarding

Begin by applying through our online form below. If we find that a portfolio review is a good fit for your needs, we’ll send you a client agreement and invoice to start the process.

Step 1

Information Gathering

Upload your investment portfolio statements through our secure client portal, and fill out a detailed goal planning worksheet.

Step 2

Detailed Review

I will analyze your portfolio, account types, and allocations. Should any questions arise, I’ll reach out to ensure we have all the details right.

Step 3

Personalized 90-Minute

We’ll connect for a comprehensive 90-minute call, where you’ll receive tailored investment recommendations and a clear action plan to optimize your investing strategy.

Step 4

Lets Get Started..

Portfolio Review Application

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